Social entrepreneurs can go to anything to turn the world into a better place. In the pursuit to turn the earth into a sustainable one German social enterprise Eihorn (meaning Unicorn) has gone to the extent to think about how traditional birth control products like condoms are made.

Every year on an average 15 billion condoms are sold globally. But after using a condom it cannot be recycled as it is made with a highly polluting material. The raw materials used for manufacturing condoms are not biodegradable. Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer, co-founders of Eihorn, which means Unicorn spotted this problem and decided to take a bold step to manufacture a condom that is made with very sustainable, biodegradable raw materials and can be easily disposed of after using it. With a cheeky line that says – it’s no longer necessary to bring down a forest to enjoy a safe sex session – they have successfully marketed their product in the Europe and beyond.

Eihorn has some other products like – menstrual cups, and tampons which are all made from organic raw materials. Their goal is to boldly talk about those products which are considered taboo in many societies. At the same time ensure that these products are all made in a very sustainable way. So, they think of both social and environmental sustainability.

Check out the following details –

Name of the social enterprise venture: Eihorn

Founded: 2015

Name of the social entrepreneur: Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer

Country: German

Type of venture: For-profit social enterprise

Mission : Eihorn wants to combine design with Fairstainability (fair & sustainable) and believes in using the business power to do good and all that in a sexy design.

Key impact:

A for-profit social enterprise start-up, Eihorn invests 50% of its profits in charitable projects, such as fairstainable standards in rubber cultivation or human rights projects in Tanzania. It also ensures that the production workers based in Malaysia receive fair wages, ensures minimizing its CO2 footprint, and increasing the biodiversity on the plantations where the rubber for its condoms comes from. Due to its very unconventional thinking, cheeky marketing, and humorous appeal to sex – Eihorn has received wide media attention and accolades from Europe. During its inception in 2015, Eihorn received a huge response for its crowdsourcing campaign.

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