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Uma PP

Uma Panch, Founder- i.BeyondBliss

“Thanks to HotCubator entrepreneurs club for mentoring and championing my endeavours and help me to win the ‘Entrepreneur award’ from SCU”.


Vivian Allen, Associate Dean (Business), ICMS

“We invited Dr Hossain as part of our Course Advisory Committe due to his expertise in the Entrepreneurial field.

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We are very proud of his positive feedback and endorsement of our new ideas and proposals for future courses at our College. Thanks to HotCubator and Dr Hossain for supporting the development a great course on entrepreneurship offered by ICMS”.


Professor Kevin Markwell, School of Business and Tourism, SCU

“HotCubator has significantly improved the student engagement and helped students to catalyse towards a brighter future.”

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Learn with thousands of learners from HotCubator Academy

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