Dr. Sayem Hossain is an academic and scholar based in Sydney, Australia. With a career spanning over 16 years, Dr. Hossain has worked into several industries including – higher education, private companies and in the public sector. He served within several Australian universities (UC, UNSW, SCU) in academic leadership roles. Due to his contemporary teaching styles he received ‘Dean’s Excellence award in Teaching’ and ‘Vice Chancellors Citations award’. More recently Dr. Hossain has been serving within the public sector (NSW Health, NSW Department of Education) in the areas of Strategy, Research, Evaluation and Innovation.

A multi-tasker, Dr. Hossain has also developed his consultancy business HotCubator which has expanded its operation internationally. HotCubator works with a mission to amplify social impact through education, research and entrepreneurship. Only within two years of its operation HotCubator has partnered with several Australian universities, govt. entities and featured in top ranked publications.

Dr. Hossain believes that proper education, right direction and entrepreneurial spirit can lead students catalyse a brighter future. So he is always keen to support students from all over the world.

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