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The future of higher education in a post-pandemic world

A recent report by KPMG stated that “The Golden Age of universities in the developed world is passing and life is becoming tougher”. This is true to the context of almost all of the nations and the disruption prompted by COVID-19 will continue for an indefinite period as has been forecasted by educational think tanks. Technology has continued to play a pivotal role to tackle the disruptive challenges by reducing the digital divide and offering more opportunities for educational institutions. It is therefore, crucial for  educational institutions to become more agile and responsive by adopting technology-led strategies to ensure quality teaching and learning.

In this webinar, Dr. Sayem Hossain will provide is thought leadership on the following areas –

  • Future trends of higher education in a post-COVID world.
  • Strategies to build immersive educational curriculum.
  • Using data-driven insight into student management.

Date and time Thu, 26 Nov. 10.00PM AEDT (Australian time).

To find more about Dr. Sayem Hossain. check his LinkedIn bio

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