I started HotCubator in 2017 with a mission to catalyse social impact through education, research and collaboration.

Inspired by the ethos of social entrepreneurship and triggered by an intrinsic drive to create value, HotCubator in its first two years had supported educational institutions (Southern Cross University, ICMS, The Hotel School of Sydney) to build a community of engaged, inspired and creative learners. By creating a network of industry leaders and influencers, HotCubator provided mentoring and early-stage business incubation support to budding entrepreneurs (iBeyondBliss, Starmums, Educubator).

HotCubator’s efforts were successful which was reflected with the success of award-winning entrepreneurs, who were recognised by global platform. HotCubator has also became a residential name for producing high-quality contents for reputed business leaders, and world-famous publications within the field of Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneur Magazine) and Growth (Thrive Global).

At this point of HotCubator’s journey, I decided to transform it into a platform that will incubate knowledge gathered through research and promoting entrepreneurship. There will be regular blog contents, webinars, and courses (Upcoming) which are all derived from my research, academic exposure and professional knowledge within the public and private sectors.

My short bio –

Adaptive by breed, agile by nature and a lifelong learner – I come with 13 years of work experience from different sectors across various countries. My eternal thirst for knowledge led my way into academia for the past 7 years working with several Australian universities including UC, SCU and UNSW. I served as an academic and researcher while also performing other administrative duties including – Program Coordination, Learning & Teaching Coordination. My innovative and contemporary approaches to teaching has been rewarded by Dean’s award for excellence and VC’s citation for student engagement.

Prior to academia, I served in the IT and Communications sector as Marketing and Customer Service specialist for several MNCs – managed large projects, led teams and initiated growth strategies.

My strong educational background including PhD, MRes, MBA, BBA (Hons) has been pivotal in my career as I could easily relate theory with practice. I received competitive grants, scholarships and awards from top-ranked Australian universities.

Presently I am serving as the Strategy and Evaluation expert for the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) which is a pillar of NSW Health.

Dr. Sayem Hossain

Sydney, Australia.

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