Who we are

HotCubator is on a mission to amplify social impact through education, research and collaboration.

We engage
We build a community of learners who are passionate, self-driven and keen to seek the intrinsic motivation of learning.
We inspire
We connect with entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers who made an impact in the society by creating value and changing lives.
We innovate
We support our partners to innovate new processes, business models and strategies which bring proven and long-term results.

What we do


Startup mentoring

Business development

Corporate training


Our impact

Fantastic work, Sayem and THSS! This is a very exciting initiative. I look forward to hearing of more HotCubator success stories.

- Erica Wilson, A/Professor, Deputy Head of School/Director of Teaching and Learning, School of Business and Tourism, Southern Cross University

HotCubator initiative is excellent and I am sure will do much to motivate students and open their minds and imaginations up to all kinds of possibilities that they themselves could initiate.

Kevin Markwell - A/Professor, School of Business and Tourism, Southern Cross University

My role as a mentor in the hotcubator program has allowed me to help and inspire students to reach their potential. Through guidance and regular meetings I have helped our budding entrepreneurs take on the next step in their businesses. I look forward to helping create more success stories through Hotcubator's entrepreneurship program.

Chafica El-Labban - Managing partner, Lebanese Memes Solutions and Digital Phoenix

I have joined HotCubator at the beginning of 2017. It's always a pleasure when I can spend time with upcoming leaders. During the meetings I can see the engagement, entrepreneurship spirit and support we give each other. I am proud to be a part of HotCubator.

Ruby Nguyen - Founder, GA Sweettime

HotCubator has given me the necessary tools to scale up my business. I have been motivated and inspired to continue with my business, photosbyharry. Having access to such knowledgeable and inspiring entrepreneurs is a great opportunity in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Harry Mitchell - Founder, photosbyharry

My dream has always been to become an entrepreneur and when I was introduced to HotCubator I was confident that I was going to achieve my dream. Whilst I always had the burning desire to become an entrepreneur, HotCubator ignited and nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit in me. They have supported and mentored me to take a quantum leap in my business. Being a part of HotCubator has significantly transformed my goals into reality.

Uma Panchapakesan - Founder, iBeyondBliss

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